Are You Asking The Right Questions In Your Business?

This week I want to talk to you about focusing on how we can give value, and asking the right questions in your business!
We’re used to asking questions like:
– How can I add 1,000 people to my list?
– How can I make 10K per month?
– How can I sign 6 new clients?
However, a tip I learned from the amazing Margaret Lynch that has transformed my business, is that instead of asking those questions I ask how I can give value commiserate with that. In other words:
– How can I give value to 1,000 new people?
– How can I give 10k worth of value per month?
– How can I give 6 new people a life + business changing experience?

Asking questions around value + service takes us out a scarcity mindset, and ensures we’re no longer coming from a place of need, but a place of DESIRE. We’re desiring to give more of ourselves, our gifts, and our purpose!
What I’ve noticed through my own work on this and through my clients is that often we’re scared to lead with value when we don’t think we have enough of it.
It can be transformational to really shift your mindset and realize that you have unlimited value, so you have unlimited value to give. Your value isn’t a limited resource that you’re going to run out of!
Again it’s about asking the right question… Not what value can I give and what value can I hold back? But rather… How can I give value and continue to get inspired to give even more?
You can transform your business by changing this question around, and realizing that there isn’t a cap on the amount of value you can give. You can also work on transforming your mindset around this. One of my favorite mantras on this topic is:

Now, I’d love challenge you to work it by setting a goal for yourself related to the value you want to offer to your clients/potential clients, then coming up with a game plan to give that value to your community.
For example, your goal could be things like… Give value to 100 new people, create a life/business changing experience for 3 new people, or give 10K worth of value each month.
Then come up with a plan for making that happen. When we’re actively planning and participating in creating what we want and giving value commiserate with that we’re creating an energetic exchange that makes us, and our potential clients feel awesome. 
When we feel awesome and focused in our business everything changes!
Now, I’d love to hear from you!  Comment below and tell me what value-based goal you’re setting for yourself!