Are You Being Consistent In Your Biz?

This week I wanted to share with you the importance of being consistent in sharing your content and showing up in your business. We’re going to talk why it’s so important, how to create your own definition of consistency, how to create a plan around your desired level of consistency, and how to use consistency as a relationship builder.
Consistency is so important because it is what ultimately creates a business. Showing up every day and taking the next right action and the next step is the ultimate driving force behind success. However, for many entrepreneurs there’s too much stop and start and then they don’t see the results of the effort they’re putting in, and they find themselves frustrated. However, the results won’t come before consistency is in place.
That is why creating your own definition of consistency is crucial. Ideally you’re showing up and consistently putting out content and being visible every day. However, that doesn’t work for everyone and sometimes that causes new entrepreneurs to stop before they start. The solution? Create your own definition of consistency and stick to it. Also, be sure to make it realistic and ensure that it fits your life and business.

Then use that definition to create a plan around your desired level of consistency so that you’re always showing up and taking the next right step. If you know that consistency to you means 1 newsletter and 3 Facebook posts a week then create a schedule based on that. You can build the themes + categories that we talked about last week around this schedule as well. This will allow you to show up, follow your own path, and do what works for you but also what grows your business.
Lastly I want to remind you that not only is consistency important because it’s what ultimately creates a business and allows you to take the next right step each day, but its also what creates relationships with your potential clients.

Think about it… In a relationship you definitely expect consistency. If someone you’re dating showed up to see you for 5 days in a row and then dropped off the face of the earth for 10 then came back for two, etc. you’d be DONE with them. Your potential clients, community, and followers feel the same.
It doesn’t mean you have to show up everyday (just like you might not see your boyfriend every single day) but it does mean there has to be a predictability and consistency to it.
Consistency + great content are the best relationship building tools you have. Just as in a relationship you want the other person to show up and bring something to the table.
I think it’s pretty clear….consistency is where it’s at it business, content + relationship building.
You can also watch my latest YouTube video on this topic below

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