A Lit Up Partnership

A Unique Coaching + Mentorship Opportunity with None of the Risk and All of the Reward

What if you could get the support + guidance you needed to grow your business… with no upfront costs?

I know that coaching and mentorship can feel like a scary investment.

But I also know that I can help you get RESULTS.

That’s why I created A Lit Up Partnership: an opportunity to coach with me for 6 months with NO upfront costs to you.

Seriously. You only pay me if you make money.

I’ll be your strategic partner in your business, turning “I” into “We”. I won’t be doing the work FOR you, but I will be guiding and mentoring you because I’ll be your partner and have a stake in your business.

A 20% stake to be exact.

For the 6 months that we work together, you’ll only pay me 20% of the revenue that you make… Shark Tank Style.

If you make nothing…neither do I. If (and when) you kill it… so do I. Simple as that.


I always tell my clients that they don’t just have a coach & mentor when they hire me, but a partner in their business. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m giving in A Lit Up Partnership.

What It Is:

A Lit Up Partnership is a contest where I allow business owners to compete for ONE spot where you will be able to have me not only as your coach and mentor but as your strategic business partner for 6 months.

During our 6 months of working together, you’ll pay me 20% of the revenue you make. If you make $10,000 during our entire 6 months, I only walk away with $2,000. If you make $100,000 I walk away with $20,000.

Applications for A Lit Up Partnership are currently closed. If you’d like to be notified when the next round opens, please join the wait list below.