A Challenge On Challenges


Create Your Own Challenge To Bring In Those Clients + Cash

Are you ready to grow your tribe and show your potential clients your value?

Hosting your own challenge is one of the best ways to make this happen! 

Challenges are my thang - and they're my secret weapon for list-building and Facebook group growth! 

Challenges have also been a huge part of how I've created 5-figure income months since my second month in business. 

I love results, and being able to give my tribe a SPECIFIC result in their business in just 5 days really lights me up! There is nothing more powerful that you can do for your business than give your potential clients a result before they’ve paid you a dime. 

It also ensures I'm attracting the RIGHT people to my tribe (you know...the ones who actually want to pick up what I'm putting down). And we all know what happens when you attract the right people to your tribe.... you convert them into clients!

Now, in A Challenge on Challenges I’m sharing my exact process for creating a killer challenge that grows your group, builds your list, and ultimately gives you raving fans and PAYING clients!

Visibility + Value = Clients + Cash

Are you ready to grow your tribe and start converting clients?

In A Challenge On Challenges, you'll get:

  • A value-packed PDF with 5 videos + worksheets to walk you through creating your own challenge to grow your tribe
  • Tips on how to market and promote your challenge without feeling salesy
  • The process I use to convert challenge participants into PAYING clients
  • Access to a supportive community + feedback

Are You Ready to Create Your Own Challenge and Bring In Those Clients + Cash?