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Do you believe in your own value? Here’s how.

If you want others to believe in you, then you’ve got to believe in you too. Because the only way we can build sustainable businesses, create lit up lives we love, and have every single thing our hearts desire is by BELIEVING in our worth, our work, and our value. So, that’s exactly what we talked about as we kicked off Day 1 of the MSE Marathon – how to BELIEVE in your own value.

It’s time to create a system for schedule management that shows you value yourself and your time.

It’s not enough to SAY you value yourself and your time… you’ve got to put your systems where your mouth is, sister. Day 2 of the MSE Marathon is all about helping you create a schedule management system that helps you own those CEO shoes you should already be wearin’.

Three big habits that every single CEO I know practices regularly

Here’s the deal. There are three big habits that every single CEO I know practices regularly. I’m talking about the 3 things that make showing up daily as ease-ful, effective, and efficient as possible. Feeling like a chicken with your head cut off? This one’s for you!

Let’s get real about your relationship with money

Listen, I know a lot of people are talking about how we interact with money. And frankly? I’m here for it. (Just maybe not exactly in the way you think.) Because as the CEO of a successful company, you NEED to know the money coming in and out of your business and be comfortable up close and personal with this valuable resource. So, let’s talk about it, shall we?

How to systemize being a money-focused CEO

If you’re being super, duper honest with yourself… Do you spend more time owning the cash that moves through your business or more time putting your head in the sand hoping it’ll somehow sort itself out without you? I want to talk about being a money-focused CEO who KNOWS her business finances like the back of her hand because it’s a massively important piece of your success.

Are you ACTUALLY executing TO make that money? Here’s how

Execution is great… but most of us are doing it wrong. (Yep, you read that right.) Most of us are working super hard all day to keep ourselves incredibly busy (and in the same spot as when we started). Frustrating? Hell yes. How your story ends? Absolutely not. When it comes to getting sh*t done, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what tasks should be ranking highest on your to-do list.

You gotta be sold on yourself first.

Want more clients? Ready to close more sales? I don’t care if you’re chasing client #1, #10, or #100… If you want to work with more clients and make more sales in your business, then you MUST be sold on yourself first. Always and all ways. I break down exactly what this means in Day 7 of the MSE Marathon!

Client service > Everything (+ How to get referrals like whoa.)

Want to know what I think is the easiest way to build a sustainable business? Let your clients do the talking and make the sales FOR you. Yep, that’s right. I’m talking about how to set up your business in a way that leaves client referrals coming at you left and right. The key? Client service is EVERYTHING.

The one thing you can do this week that will make a HUGE long-term impact on your success.

When I talk about execution in business, I do *not* just mean the tasks and activities that help bring new clients in the door. Or, at least, I don’t mean those marketing tasks that we traditionally think about. I’m going to live to share with you one of my all-time favorite “marketing” activities… one that makes a HUGE long-term impact on my business. (I have a feeling it’s not what you think!)

Your relationship with success AND especially with others’ success ultimately determines your own.

How do you feel when you sign a new client, hit a new income goal, or reach a new level you’ve been dreaming about? Pretty good, right? Well, how do you feel when *someone else* signs a new client, hits a new income goal, or reaches a new level *they’ve* been dreaming about? Your relationship with success — both yours AND someone else’s — is going to make a MASSIVE difference when it comes to your ability to create and receive.

How to believe what you want to believe (so you can see it come to life)

When I talk about manifesting or using your beliefs to create your reality, one of the first questions I get asked is… How do I actually believe before I see? How do I believe in something that doesn’t yet exist for me? And I totally get it. We’re traditionally taught to “believe it once we see it”. So, how do we break that down and adopt new beliefs that support what we actually want? Let’s talk about it!

The MOST important work you can do daily in your business.

Get in FB groups. Host a livestream. Post on social media. Write a blog. There are a LOT of tasks we’re recommended to do in our businesses on a regular basis. Because all these tasks can leave us feeling massively overwhelmed, let me take this moment to get super, stinkin’ clear. I’m going to share the MOST important work you can do daily in your business!

What makes success inevitable

We ALL want to be successful, right? I mean, it’s kinda why we’re here. It’s why we show up daily, do the hard work, take the actions, and push ourselves outside the comfort zone, right? We WANT success. (And, frankly, we want it soon.) On Day 13 of The MSE Marathon, let’s break down what exactly makes that success *inevitable*. Aka what guarantees it’s YOURS.

The ONE strategy you need NOW in your business.

There are a LOT of ways to run and grow a business. You could work with clients 1:1. You could host a membership, group training, or mastermind. You could share digital products, or non-digital products, or do a whole host of other things. But regardless of what company you’re running or how you’re helping your audience, there’s one thing we ALL need. The question is… Do you know what it is for you?

How to get the most return in the least amount of time.

When it comes to success in my business, I’m here for the strategies that will get me the MOST return in the LEAST amount of time. (I mean, amen, right??) Let’s break down how I figured out what that looks like for me — and how you can figure out what this means for you, too!

The thing that’s made the BIGGEST difference for me in business

Want to skyrocket your success? What to enjoy the process of running and growing a business? Want everything you want to show up like 1000x faster? (Yep, I thought so!) This livestream is for you as I’m sharing the #1 thing that has made the BIGGEST difference for me in business.

Ditch the ‘burn it down’ mentality for good (because it’s the ONLY thing that will get you big results)

Once you pick a strategy, you work that strategy UNTIL. IT. WORKS. I cannot stress this enough (and I think it’s something every single entrepreneur needs to hear). My livestream today is about the ONLY thing that leads to the really big results.

Why 90 days is EVERYTHING in your business.

Ever start a strategy and then ditch it a few days later? Maybe you hopped in a Facebook group for a week, didn’t notice any engagement, and so moved on to Pinterest. Or maybe you started hosting regular livestreams, didn’t see anyone showing up live, and so decided it must not be for you. There’s a reason I say 90 days is NON-NEGOTIABLE when implementing a strategy in your business and I’m about to tell you *exactly* why.

Do you believe you’re the BEST person people could buy from?

I’m not going to lie… I hope this livestream triggers you just a little bit (in the best possible way, of course). You see, I’m going to get really real and ask you a question that you may not be able to confidently answer. It might make you squirm. Basically, I want to know: Do you believe you’re the BEST person someone could buy from? I want to break down why this is such an important question and HOW to get here if you’re not quite yet.

How to make sales like a true boss

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to make a sale and then wonder where it came from. I want to make a sale and know EXACTLY how to replicate that sale again and again and again. So, that’s what we’re talking about in today’s livestream. I’m sharing how to make sales like a true boss!


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