Hi, I’m Lacey,

Business mentor and success coach for women entrepreneurs. I run two successful online businesses and have my M.S. in mental health counseling and my M.B.A.

I’m also a dog mom, travel junkie, and wannabe rock climber. And most importantly? I am living a lit up life.

However, that wasn’t always the case …


My entire life, I’ve worked my butt off, thinking happiness would come my way if I could only reach that next goal. I became a therapist after earning my college degree, and quickly rose within my agency’s ranks. In just a few years I became the director of a $45 million/year non-profit focused on early education for low-income children. By all appearances, I had made it.

But instead of the fulfillment I expected, I was crippled by anxiety and depression. I devoted myself fully to my work, pushing my health, happiness, and relationships to the wayside.

I felt as if I were drowning every single day. Every time I tried to step away from my “dream job” I was overwhelmed by guilt, even spending my vacations glued to my phone and answering emails. My passion was quickly burning out.

I knew there had to be more to life than a crazy commute, soul-sucking workplace politics, and the feeling of never getting it all done.

I was meant for something more, but I had no idea what it was or what it felt like.

Never underestimate the power of a candle in a dark room. On the darkest day of that time in my life, I made the difficult decision to make a change. Giving up all security, I left my job.

I committed myself to a year-long process of soul-searching, prayer, and meditation. I devoted myself completely to my growth and development, focusing on getting myself and my mental health in check.

I finally came out on the other side when I finished my MBA and built my first online business. As my love of strategy and execution evolved, and my knowledge of personal development and mindset work grew, my purpose in life became clear.

I light the way for passionate, professional women like me. My soul mission is to help other women claim personal and financial freedom. I empower others to build online businesses that light them up and spread their message in a profound way.

I have the extreme pleasure of working on this mission every day with high-performing clients who are committed to creating a business and a life they love.


To be an effective coach for others, I’ve implemented killer strategies within my own coaching business. Here are some of the achievements I’m proudest of:

  • Earned more than $20K in my second month in business
  • Crossed the $100k mark in less than 10 months
  • Created a multi-six figure business in 16 months
  • Built a growing, engaged tribe that I love and that love me
  • Created and launched my first group program {Show Up and Blow Up} with a fellow lady-boss that had over 15 women register the first round
  • Hosted a wide variety of challenges, webinars, masterclasses, etc. designed to inspire and train
  • Contributed more than 55 hours of free coaching in my first 5 months in business, keeping my focus on impact, not just income
  • Presented over 30 business building gifts to my community during my 30th birthday month, ranging from free coaching sessions to copywriting, branding, design, and more
  • Supported a female entrepreneur through Kiva to build and grow a business that will change the lives of those in her family and her community—a joint effort with my clients
  • Developed an innovative business model and recruited 5 additional coaches to implement it with me and build case studies, testing it for long-term stability within the industry. This model is designed to take on clients who pay me 15% of the revenue they generate during our work together, rather than a flat fee.

It’s not just about my successes, though.

Since starting my business, I’ve helped my clients:

  • Leave their 9-5s once and for all
  • Score their first client, fill their practices, and create waiting lists ,
  • Hit their first 5k, 10k, 15K, and 20k months
  • ….All the way up to 100k months!!
  • Launch group programs that generated five-figures with ease
  • Build packages, programs, and passive income products that light them up
  • Create over $1,000 in passive income on the first day of an ebook pre-sale
  • Refine their niche and stand out in a noisy marketplace
  • Build growing, engaged, and thriving Facebook communities
  • Host challenges, webinars, giveaways, etc. that highlight their zone of genius and bring in new clients
  • Plan up to 6 months of content and deliver it consistently
  • Get visible and use their visibility to make the lasting impact they desire
  • Change their mindset and show up as the best version of themselves
  • Make more money in 5 days than they had in any previous month
  • Triple their email list in under 2 weeks
  • 4x their client load and 7x their 1:1 income in under 3 months
  • Get published in major publications such as The Huffington Post, Forbes, Mind Body Green, Thrive Global, and get featured on popular podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire

Now it’s your turn to shine. Are you ready to make the commitment to living a lit up life? Do you want a business that supports you personally and financially while making a difference in the lives of your clients? Find out how my private coaching can make all the difference for you.

Are you ready to make the commitment to living a lit up life and creating a business that supports you personally and financially? Learn more about what it means to live a lit up life here

Want to find out more about how my business mentoring and success coaching can help you create and grow a business that gives you the freedom and impact you desire? Learn about private coaching opportunities here

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