My truth, my philosophy, my results, my story.

Let’s get real right from the beginning shall we?

I do things differently. If you’re going to hang around here, you should know that right away.

I’m not someone who believes there is one way to do business. I am someone who KNOWS there are thousands of ways to do business but there are foundational principles that matter.

I believe that we have to stop glorifying one way, one path, or one strategy and start being business owners who do things in the way that fits us best.

I believe in being a coach that meets you where you’re at and brings you to the business model, strategy, and income that fits YOU best.

I don’t just tell you how I did it (though I’m an open book). I’m way more concerned with the best way for YOU to do it.

I’ve built my business to partner with you 1:1 because that’s where all the best results are built.

Let’s be honest…. How often do you hear someone saying “I got the best results in my business by following so-and-so’s 5 step course?”

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

But you can hop on over to my love notes page and read all about the clients getting epic results (and having epic lives) doing it their way.

My Philosophy

I believe that the best businesses are built on principles (not specifics). I’m talking principles like:

  • Giving Value
  • Focusing on relationships
  • Selling regularly
  • Marketing in a way that’s true to you
  • Serving your clients really well
  • Being adaptable
  • Showing up with congruence


Those principles?
They work no matter what. Whether we’re talking a 1970 brick and mortar business or your online business during Coronavirus. That means that it doesn’t matter what platform you want to market on, how much you love or hate video, or how many hours a week you have to invest.

It’s not about that. It’s about applying the things above in a way that lets you thrive.

You can check out A Lit Up Life’s full manifesto here to get a clear vision of what we believe in and what we’ll help you implement in your business.

My Framework

I also believe in using a framework to coach you to getting exactly what you want.

After being the director of a large non-profit, working as a therapist, growing and scaling 3 businesses, getting an MBA and an MS in mental health counseling, and working with countless clients… I know what works.

And what works is Mindset, Strategy, and Execution.

This is truly the framework for getting you anything you want. I can say that with absolute certainty.

My Results

I’m results-oriented and, to be an effective coach for others, I’ve implemented killer the principles and framework I mention above within my own coaching business.

Here are some of the achievements I’m most proud of:

  • I hit a $20k month my second month in business.
  • I had a waiting list within 6 months (and have been full with 1:1 clients ever since).
  • I made $100k in my first 10 months in business.
  • I crossed the multi-six figure mark in 16 months.
  • I’ve had multiple $100k+ cash months from doing only what I love.
  • In 2021 ALUL made over $1 million in CASH using just our partnership and 1:1 coaching model.
  • For the last five years, I’ve added at least $100k to my income each year without any additional work.
  • I paid off $200k in student loan debt in one year. One. Freaking. Year.
  • I have taken the income I’ve made in business and invested it well. It’s not just about what you make, but what you do with it (I don’t believe your business needs to be your only wealth building strategy).

My Clients’ Results

My clients come from various backgrounds with various business models, and all create success doing things THEIR way. Business owners hire me – even when they have or want to have a seven-figure business – because I’ve built a business I love… AND because I’m excellent at helping others do the same.

Here are a few of the results my clients have gotten:

  • 25 of the clients that have worked with me in the last year alone have gone on to have $100k+ per year in business.
  • 4 clients that have worked with me in the last year have created million and multi-million dollar businesses and we’ve taken multiple clients 0-7 figures.
  • Many of my clients have built 6-figure businesses working only 25 hours per week or less.
  • One client grew from $0 to a $500k launch in 6 months. Another client grew from $0 to $1 million in less than a year. A different client grew from $0 to $300k in two years and another from $0 to $600k in sales in less than 10 months.
  • My clients have grown from $5k to $90k months, $10k to $60k months, $10k to $300k months, and much more.

My clients have incredible financial success while working together, but what lights me up most is seeing them become empowered, confident CEOs, with a life and business that lights them up. You can read more of their stories here.

My Innovation

I don’t just want to help you make money.
I want to help you make money for YEARS to come.

I don’t just want to help you build a profitable business.
I want to help you build a profitable business you LOVE to run.

I don’t just want to help you sign more clients or close more sales.
I want to help you sign more clients and close more sales in a way that works FOR YOU.

Here’s what I know to be true from the tip of toes to the top of my head: A good business owner prioritizes making money while a great business owner prioritizes how that money is made. (And trust me, prioritizing how money is made only and ever brings more of it to you.) As a coach, I am committed to YOUR truth, YOUR innovation, and YOUR empowerment. I will help you build a successful, sustainable business, and make sure you live a lit up life alongside it

Here are some of the ways I’ve personally innovated and done things differently:

  • I was the first to create my own systemized content strategy (and have used it ever since and teach my clients to as well). I’m talking about themes and topics and PLANNING content in a way that affects your bottom line. NOT something I learned from someone else, but created myself.
  • I’ve done what most thought wasn’t possible: I’ve scaled a 1:1 coaching practice with The Partnership Model™ – a percentage based revenue share that literally NOBODY else was doing (and still isn’t)
  • I flipped the coaching industry on its head by creating the A Lit Up Partnership and taking on clients for NO upfront investment. (‘Cause I like to put my money where my mouth is!)
  • I was the first in the industry to really niche my brand and business by using a framework (lookin’ at you mindset, strategy, and execution). I created the MSE Framework when the industry said you ONLY picked one clear niche (and was told I was crazy when I did it) and now they’re EVERYWHERE.
  • I realized I’m not a fan of courses or big launches and didn’t let that hold me back. I took Value-Centered Sales® (a freaking innovative way to look at sales in its own right – that’s all about empowerment and that WASN’T being taught anywhere at the time!) and turned it into a 3-person mastermind (also NOT what anyone else was doing) to make sure I was happy and my clients got the best possible results.
  • I launched a podcast that pulled back the curtain to show what NO one else was willing to show: the entire journey of building an online business with EVERY coaching session in between. I literally aired every minute of me coaching a client for 6 months. I don’t know anyone else in this space willing to do that.

My Background

I’m a business mentor and success coach who helps high-performing women entrepreneurs build and grow a service-based business that truly lights them up and gives them the personal and financial freedom as well as impact they’ve always desired.

With an M.S. in mental health counseling and an M.B.A in ethical leadership, I use my signature Mindset, Strategy, Execution® framework to help clients hit $10k, $50k, all the way up to $300k cash months. In addition to two successful online businesses, I’m also the creator of the innovative behind-the-scenes coaching podcast, LITerally®.

Read the full story of how I went from anxious and depressed to multi-six figure CEO (and happiest human I know).

My Heart

Allow me to be straightforward…

Working with clients each day is the gift of my life. Getting to see their transformations right before my eyes is the most magical thing.

And I don’t just mean their results. I mean seeing the women they fully step into being (that they always were deep down). For me, there is nothing better.

My daily endeavor is to help my clients grow businesses they love half as much as I love working with them.

Ready to have a lit up life and business that supports you personally and financially? Let’s get started now.