7 Ways to Break Through Your Visibility Roadblocks

When we talk about getting visible, we have to talk about getting uncomfortable. Because the truth of the matter is that for many of us, especially at the beginning, being visible IS uncomfortable.
We don’t love posting on Facebook.
We don’t want our family and friends seeing us when we’re not yet “successful”.
We’re nervous to get on Facebook live – or submit a guest post.
We overthink what we say, how we look, or how others might react.
We wonder whether or not people will like what we have to say or if they might have something negative to say back.
At the heart of the matter, we’re asking ourselves…What if I get rejected? Or criticized? Or humiliated?
And, I get it. These fears are common for so many of us. But the things is that, for the most part, these fears are imagined danger – and they’re definitely not a reason to stay quiet or hidden. We’ve got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Here are 7 ways to help you work through those roadblocks: 

Make visibility a habit

I often hear people say things like “I’m just not someone who posts everyday” or “I just don’t do Facebook groups” or “Visibility is NOT easy for me.”
And ya know what? A lot of that might be true, it might be mindset blocks, but even more so… it’s probably just because visibility isn’t a habit (yet).
Just like working out three times a week, being visible is a habit and a muscle we need to flex.
The thing with habits is if we try and do all the things we get overwhelmed and give up.
Pick one or two things you can do each day in order to get visible and commit to doing them every single day. Maybe you want to get on Facebook Live once a day or post three times in Facebook groups. Whatever it is, pick something manageable that you’re actually excited about doing.

Show up and be yourself

The most important thing you have to do today is show up and be yourself.
Seriously. That’s it.
Being visible and sharing our story is our number one job as business owners.
It’s through this process that we attract our ideal client, build our audience, and establish ourselves as experts. If you don’t show up, people can’t find you, hire you, or love on you and your message.

Do the work…no shortcuts

“It seems like most of online marketing is about telling people you can help them pick the lock.”
Why? Because that’s what most people want to hear.
That there’s an “easy” (remember ease is different than EASY) way to success, that we don’t have to show up and do the work consistently.
But what would happen if you ignored all of those quick tickets to success and started just giving yourself the space to do the work instead of chasing the next thing?
What might happen in your business then?
I’d bet something pretty miraculous. Like real income, real results, and real fulfillment.

Go outside your comfort zone

I see too many entrepreneurs staying stuck because they’re not willing to consistently go outside of their comfort zone.
As one of my favorite people Neale Donald Walsch says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
So does business.
For example, I recently celebrated filling my Value-Centered Sales Mastermind (again) and my clients are killing it (one just replaced her six-figure income and another had her biggest cash month while working less than 50 hours total!)
Getting big results like these in your business isn’t about learning a sales script or finding a 5 step blueprint to 25k months.
It’s about getting comfortable being uncomfortable and pushing yourself to take that courageous action consistently to create those serious results you desire.

Create and implement a visibility plan

Getting visible can feel really stressful when you’re trying to create content in the moment and you’re fresh out of ideas.
If you have a visibility plan in place and content created in advance, you’ll have the freedom and peace of mind to take a day off or go on vacation without worrying your audience will forget about you. Not only that, your audience will learn to expect what kind of content you’ll be sharing and when.
If you add it into your visibility plan that you want to go live at 3 PM, you’ll start to notice more and more people joining your lives when they’ve seen you do it more than once and they know to look out for it at 3.
And on the days you don’t want to go live or think about business at all, you’ll have some pre-made content ready to go and engage your audience while you kick your feet up and watch some Netflix.

Get vulnerable

More than almost anything else, I think vulnerable visibility has the power to change our businesses in an instant. That one livestream or post where you get super real with your audience can expand your community exponentially and skyrocket you to beloved expert status.
If you build your visibility plan around vulnerable visibility, showing up won’t feel like a chore. It might feel scary at times to speak your truth and share your struggles, but you’re going to have an audience that loves you for being real to cheer you on.

Reward yourself

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle to make visibility a habit because they aren’t seeing the rewards they want right away. Why not create those rewards for yourself?
If you have a favorite self care practice like meditation, mani-pedis, or bubble baths, use it to reward yourself for getting visible.
Maybe going live totally stresses you out but you know it gets a ton of engagement and it’s something you want to work on. Encourage yourself to go live by doing something fun like a bubble bath after every livestream as a reward for being consistently visible.
Sooner or later, your brain is going to start associating visibility with relaxation time, which I think is an all-around win-win.
I really believe there’s no right or wrong way to get visible, and that there are multiple paths to standing out online. However you decide to approach visibility, you have to find a way to make people know you’re there.
Remember that people can’t pay you if they can’t find you, and as a CEO you need to care about making money.
I know there are a lot of people out there who try to turn visibility into rocket science with buzzwords and algorithms, but at the end of the day it’s just about showing up in the same place every day.

What holds you back when it comes to being more visible in your business? Where do you need support around that?



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