5 Steps to Cultivating Inspiration Anywhere Anytime

Content creation is a muscle we’ve got to work regularly. However, even if we’re used to writing and sharing regular content, sometimes we just feel stuck. It happens to everyone (myself included!) and can be super frustrating if we don’t have the tools to move through it.
Which begs the question: Do you have tools to cultivate inspiration – or are you a slave to inspiration in your business?
If you fall into the latter category, you’re not alone. This is a problem for so many entrepreneurs! We feel like we can only create, make things happen, etc. WHEN we’re feeling inspired and we feel like that inspiration is completely out of our hands.
But, what if we flipped the script and took responsibility for our inspiration? What if we made it our friend? What if we cultivated and nurtured it like an important team member in our business?
Here’s how I do this in my business (and how I help my clients do the same)!

1. Shift your perspective.

Inspiration can be our best friend or our biggest enemy. When it’s our enemy, inspiration often shows up as an excuse – “I can’t take action / write that post / show up…because I’m not feeling inspired.”
But, if you shift your perspective and declare that YOU and you alone are in charge of inspiration and how it shows up for you, then you can take action / write that post / show up…anywhere anytime.
This is important because inspiration is essential in your business. We might start our business because we feel inspired or called to do something in particular in the world, but once that initial inspiration begins to wax and wane (and there’s nothing wrong if it does!), what we have to do is take control of cultivating our own inspiration.
THIS cultivation is what ultimately drives you to get up in the morning and keep moving forward even when you’re waiting to see the big results in your business. We have to develop the mindset that says, “I’m in charge of my inspiration, it’s not in charge of me.”
We need to reprogram our beliefs to recognize that we are always in control and that there are countless ways to nurture our creativity and inspiration. One of my favorite affirmations is…“My creativity is my companion and I love and nurture it consistently and easily.”

2. Get off the computer.

All too often, we find ourselves staring at the computer when we “should” be working on things waiting for inspiration to strike. This is usually the LAST place you want to be if you’re trying to cultivate inspiration.
The first thing I do when I want to cultivate inspiration – and pump out some content – is step away from work. Almost any activity away from the computer usually helps, but I love to get out in nature. I feel like my batteries always get recharged when I’m outdoors and every good idea I’ve ever had I can tie back to a walk, jog, or time spent enjoying nature. However, I understand that the great outdoors might not be the same for everyone!
Figure out what recharges YOUR battery, get away from the computer and do that! I know that when we’re feeling completely stumped, and need to get something put together and posted, then the last thing we feel like we should do is leave our computer. And, we often feel guilty if we do. However, I PROMISE you this will get your ideas flowing and will be totally worth it in the end.

3. Write down 5 things that truly cultivate inspiration for you.

Even after you get away from the computer, you might still be looking for that thing that sparks your creativity. This is where having a list – a go-to inspiration guide – with the things that get your juices flowing becomes really important.
Make a list of things that you know cultivate inspiration in you. Aim for five different things, so that you can use them when you’re struggling to create amazing content or do big things in your business.
My list of 5 things that cultivate inspiration are: getting outside, yoga, playing with my dogs, talking to someone about my business or about their business, and reading an amazing book.
When it comes to talking with a friend about business, this might sound similar to work. (And, didn’t I just say to get away from the computer and the work you “should” do?) However, what I really mean is to step away from the need to FORCE content – and open up into the possibilities of content. Sometimes, a conversation with a business buddy or friend gives me a fresh perspective on my business and gets my content muscle moving. This is probably because looking at your business through someone else’s eyes allows you to see it in a new light. So, if you’re feeling stuck, step away from the computer and the blinking cursor of the screen and step into fresh perspectives and ideas.

4. Plan a little in advance.

We can and should cultivate our inspiration and use it to drive not only our content creation but also our content planning. For me, having a content plan allows quicker and more consistent execution to happen, because I already have a specific topic to get inspired around!
Here’s what I’m talking about. You know that feeling of wanting to execute on something, sitting down at your computer screen and going BLANK? Yeah, I don’t have to tell you that’s bad for business (or self-morale).
But…imagine if you knew your weekly content topic in advance? Imagine if you went into business conversations or spent time in nature knowing EXACTLY what you wanted to feel inspired around? When you can take the things that cultivate inspiration for you…and combine them with a content plan / topic….then you’ll be executing like a boss in no time!
For example, I recently created an entire WEEK of content for my Value-Centered Sales program while on a walk. This happened so effortlessly and easily, because I knew what cultivated my inspiration (getting outside and getting moving) AND I knew the topic I was going to be sharing / talking about.

5. Review your old content.

I am a big advocate of repurposing your content. This not only makes things easier for you, but it also positions you as an expert. Plus, repurposing content is helpful to your clients, because it often takes hearing the same thing more than once in order to actually implement. Not to mention, you get new followers all the time, so it’s unlikely everyone on your list has already heard everything you’ve said before!
Even if you don’t use the same piece of content again, reviewing your old content will give you a fresh perspective, new ideas, and probably get some ideas flowing. I love reading things I’ve written a while ago and am always inspired to put a new spin on it.
Ok, friends. That’s it! Those are my five steps for cultivating inspiration and creating consistent content for your business. Now, I’d love to hear from you…What’s your relationship with inspiration in your business? Do you find yourself waiting for inspiration to hit or do you nurture it to show up? Share with me below!


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