5 Keys to Getting Big Results in Your Business

Over three rounds of A Lit Up Partnership, my past partnership clients created the following results:

  • 5x an income
  • A Forbes feature
  • Filled a practice with ideal clients  
  • Made $1500 in one week on a passive income product
  • Created six figures of income within 6 months
  • Hit five figure months consistently

(Just to name a few!!)
These are pretty awesome results, right? After three rounds of the partnership, I am convinced that this isn’t an accident. This process works. This crazy, innovative idea isn’t actually so crazy. 
So why has the Partnership helped these women create such incredible results?
Here are 5 key takeaways from the Partnership clients + how you can apply these strategies to YOUR business for big results!

1. Believe that success is possible. 

Many of the partnership clients cited that my belief in them was a total game-changer for their belief in themselves and their business. This means that we ultimately need to create belief in ourselves, but we can use the belief from someone we trust to get us started. I don’t advocate using external people or things to verify your value or worthiness on a regular basis, but it can be extremely powerful to have someone YOU believe in believing in you.
Many of my partnership clients walked away saying things like… “You helped me overcome so many negative and false beliefs keeping me stuck”… or “you helped me believe in myself and my business even more and reach new confidence levels”.
Because I put my belief that they could make me money IN THEM, my clients reached incredible income goals as well. Things like five figure months, sold out practices, and even five figure launches. It wasn’t just a nice statement, but an actual action (putting my money where my mouth was) that really made my belief in them obvious and concrete.
This is such an important lesson. It’s why mindset is the foundation of my coaching practice. When you believe something will work, it often does. When you believe something won’t work, you’re often right.
When it comes to learning from this lesson… the takeaway is this: Work on your mindset relentlessly. Look for the opportunities to change your story. KNOW that you can change your beliefs, and that can change everything.
If you find yourself focusing on strategy or execution most of the time, but often feeling like things are “doomed” or a “long shot” before you start then it’s a non-negotiable to return to your mindset, and your belief system, if you want to see big results.

2. Let your passion lead you. 

In each round of the partnership, all of my clients have been MASSIVELY passionate about what they do.
This passion showed in their applications, videos, and business plans. It showed up again when we started our work together. It continues to show up as they build their businesses, sign more clients, and grow their reach.
All of these clients spent years PRIOR to starting their businesses living their passion (i.e. it was integrated and congruent), and having the right mentor coupled with that passion lit the fire. We were able to capitalize on their deep knowing that this is the work they were meant for and light that fire to make their business work.
I hear a lot of people say that you don’t have to build a business based on your passions, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Now, there are lots of ways to do that… business may be your passion, so the product/service may matter less, or there may be ways for you to live out your passion within your business in specific ways…. But regardless, passion MATTERS.
Passion is what will keep you going. It’s what will motivate you to put in the required work. It’s what will stop you from giving up when things don’t go exactly as planned or the entrepreneurial roller coaster gives you some motion sickness. (Because yes this is totally normal.)
It’s also what will DRAW IN your clients. When you are excited and passionate about something it’s infinitely easier to get people excited along with you. When you’re NOT super stoked about something (other than the fact that you want to make money off of it) it will be REALLY hard to get people excited about giving you that money.
Ready to apply some serious passion to your business? Do what you want to do and not what you “think” you “should” be doing — or what you see others doing. Name and claim that one thing you would do everyday, even if you weren’t getting paid. Then, find a great mentor to help you light the fire and really capitalize on the passion you’re bringing to the table!

3. Get support around the thing you actually NEED.

One thing I see over and over again is that what we WANT isn’t always what we NEED.
When partnership clients start working with me, they always think they need more of what they have. Meaning, if they’re a strategy person they want MORE strategy. If they’re a mindset person, they want MORE mindset work. If they’re an executor, they want MORE to-do lists and tasks.
Seriously. Every. Single. Time.
Don’t worry, I get it. I’ve done this, too. I’ve hired the wrong people or entered the wrong program, BECAUSE I wanted the thing that was comfortable (rather than the thing I NEEDED).
When it comes to investing in a coach through a program like the Lit Up Partnership, we have to listen closely to our intuition and make sure that we’re leaning into the areas we really don’t want, but really do need.
Will it be comfortable? Probably not.
This means that you want to invest in a coach – or a program – ready to call you out on your bullshit. Who’s not afraid to push strategy even if it makes you a little uncomfortable. Who’s not afraid to GO THERE, so you can create results. Invest in someone ready and able to reflect, redirect, and remind you of what you really need, not just reiterate what you want.
What did the partnership clients do that got them results? Results like growing a Facebook group to over 2k members, 3x a list size, selling out a group program, booking out a 1:1 Practice, and hiring a VA? They leaned into the area that they didn’t really want, but that they ultimately needed.
One client leaned WAY more into mindset (even though she LOVES her some strategy). Another dove more into strategy (even though she REALLY gravitates toward the mindset piece). ALL of them showed up and took action, but in a way that was smart and aligned (not haphazard or action for the sake of action).
How can you apply this today?
If you find yourself always wanting to learn the NEXT strategy or dive into the NEWEST mindset course, or that you just CAN’T. STOP. TAKING. ACTION. – then I REALLY implore you to ask yourself… what do I actually NEED here (even if it’s going to be a b**ch to tackle)?! Because I promise you… that’s where the magic is.

4. Stick to a strategy for 90 days.

Seriously, this is a NON-NEGOTIABLE.
When we begin our businesses it can be SO tempting to want to try #allthethings, to chase shiny objects, and to think we have a better chance of creating success if we do MORE.
But that’s almost never true. It confuses your message, your audience, and your offers. It also makes it nearly impossible to do anything “well”.
Now, staying consistent for 90 days doesn’t mean you’re not ALSO growing your list and getting clients, or that you’re not putting out more than one offer. BUT it does mean that you know what you’re saying, how you’re marketing, and how you’re filling those offers in a strategic and streamlined way.
It also means not writing things off too quickly. It means not trying something once or twice and then deciding it “didn’t work” but really giving your strategy and momentum a chance to build and grow.
How do this apply to you right now? Get serious about what you want to create and what strategy will help you get there. Sometimes it’s as simple as making your strategy a COMMITMENT to show up every single day — or to stick to one message at the beginning of your business.

5. Stay detached from the outcome. 

Ready for a #truthbomb?
Your ability to create money is DIRECTLY related to your ability to detach from it. (You want to make more money, right? You’ve got to learn to detach!)
What do I mean when I say “stay detached from the outcome”? You both desire, name and claim what you want AND you do not force, push, or create desperation around it.
Now, I know this is easier said than done. When you need money, it’s hard not to need money. So, one way to detach is to not make your investment (or your launch, email, offer, etc.) about THE THING. Meaning, don’t put all of the “I need money” energy into these actions. Success does not always look like action – result – action – result, and when we get attached to it looking that way, we simply block our power and energy.
When it came to the partnership, all of my clients had to actively work on detaching… from being the “perfect” partnership participant, to worrying about how to make ME money, to stressing their next offer/email/etc., and finally to just LETTING the success show up however it would.
And when they did incredible results showed up. Things like launching new workshops, upleveling passive income strategies, getting asked to participate in new collaborations, having a new income high… 3 different months, and more.
How can you apply the art of detachment to your work? Look at where you’re feeling really, really attached in your business. Can you see how that energy, that desperation is pushing away the thing you really want, and more importantly taking you OUT OF YOUR POWER? Instead of putting all of the “I need this” energy into your next strategy, investment, etc., you remind yourself that you’re going to keep showing up and doing the work… because you are a powerful woman (who is IN HER POWER) and who trusts in a HIGHER power that supports her.
Now share with us in the comments below – which of these keys resonates with you most? How will you apply it to your business?
Applications for Round 4 of A Lit Up Partnership are now OPEN! You can learn more and apply here.


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