3 Steps to Create a Thriving Relationship with Money

I think sometimes people feel guilty for caring about money (which is super important as a biz owner!) because they think it makes them greedy. The truth is, caring about money won’t make you greedy, destroy your priorities, or turn you into a money monster.
But money can help you go on more vacations, send your kids to better schools, invest back into your business, take care of your health, and so much more.

Money is a tool that YOU use, not a vice that uses you.

The thoughts we consistently think are just as impactful as the actions we consistently take, because what we believe shows up in our lives!
Let’s correct this bullshit once and for all: being a business owner who cares about income doesn’t make you a bad person. You will never be less of a thoughtful, giving, kind-hearted person because you make money. Your income doesn’t define your worth, but it does give you a level of security, freedom, and comfort.
We need to get comfortable with money, work on our relationship with money, and set money goals that drive our business forward.
Here are the 3 steps to implement to begin a thriving relationship with money.

1. Create a plan

Caring about money means having a plan to make money!
One of my favorite parts of writing a business plan is outlining potential streams of income and how a business is going to make the moolah. This could look like coaching packages, group programs, digital products, physical products, or anything else where a product or service is exchanged for a financial investment!
YES think about all the things you can buy when you make a ton of money (step #2!), but take time to outline HOW you will make your money.
When creating your plan it’s important to be flexible and willing to try new things, change your mind, adjust your expectations, or take a completely different path than what you’ve planned out.

2. Create your dream budget

One of the simplest strategies for getting more comfortable with something is to make it fun!
I’m challenging you to make a dream budget. Write it all out: mortgage payments, business investments, mani-pedi budgets, new laptops, and dream vacations. Get super clear and specific on what you want and how it would feel to have the income to support your dreams.
Money flows where it has a purpose, so carve out space in your life for the money to come in and light you up! Send a clear message to the Universe that you care about money, know how much money you want to make, and that you’re willing to do the work!

3. Do the work

Showing up for your sales activities is super important as an entrepreneur. Focusing on the process of making money is just as important as the actual numbers themselves. But it’s not enough to just write out what you want to happen or plan on doing, you have to execute!
Take out your journal and write down all the reasons why you feel uncomfortable caring about money. See if you can figure out the root causes or experiences that shaped those beliefs. And then write a new story. Every time a limiting belief or negative mindset about money pops up, shift back to your new story.
Remember that making a change requires us to do the work. Making money requires us to do the work. Making a change about money DEFINITELY requires us to do the work.
Being a CEO who cares about income is important because money is what separates a business from a hobby. But if you’re blocked around connecting with the dollar figure because it seems too big, too greedy, or too out of reach, focus on what service the money will provide to you and your family. Focus on the freedom — not the figure.
When we care about money and feel good about it, we can reach more people and we can serve more people. If you limit yourself to believe that sales are icky, you’ll be less likely to do it. And if you don’t, then there are dozens of women who will have never heard from you, invested in you, and been transformed BECAUSE of you! Not only that, but if you can care about money in a way that feels good and go all in, you’ll have more money to donate to causes and you won’t have to choose between income and impact!

Can your relationship with money as a biz owner improve? What specific blocks do you come across when it comes to money?



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