2 Steps to Creating Consistent Connections (and BIG results) in Your Business

I get asked regularly how I created success so quickly in my business. The answer is not a grand 5-step plan or some big secret. Here’s what I did:

I showed up every. single. day.

I’d say that’s it, that’s all I did, but I know showing up consistently isn’t easy. In fact, showing up consistently BEFORE we see results can be quite hard. BUT, it’s what will make all the difference between success and failure when we’re starting out.
For me, showing up meant looking at my relationship with my community and my business just like any other relationship.
I knew that if someone I was dating showed up to hang out with me for 5 days in a row, then dropped off the face of the earth for 10 days, then came back for 2, etc…we wouldn’t be hanging out together for long. I realized right away that my potential clients, community, and followers feel the same way. They expect (and want) me to show up consistently even BEFORE they start engaging, interacting, and showing up for me.

It’s about creating connection. And consistency is the key.

My two-step method to make consistent connections actually happen in your business – and to see more success as a result! – is setting a connection commitment and creating a connection calendar!
This is because one of the problems with reaching out is that, way too often, it’s not high enough on our priority list. Other times, we just don’t remember to do it or we claim we’re too busy to make the space for it.
It’s one of those important but not urgent tasks if you know what I mean.
THIS is where the connection commitment and connection calendar come in!

STEP ONE: Set a Connection Commitment

To get started, ask yourself: How many connection calls would I like to have each week/month/year? For some people it might be two per week, and for others it might be one per month! All that matters is that it fits into your schedule with ease, and that you make this commitment to yourself and your business!

STEP TWO: Create a Connection Calendar

Creating a connection calendar (i.e. marking down empty spots on your calendar that match the commitment you made to yourself) is so helpful. You’ll be able to see in advance when you have openings for connection calls, you’ll have clarity on when to schedule those calls, and it won’t feel like a burden that takes up too much time or energy!
If we want to make connection happen, if we want to get on the phone with others in our industry, we’ve got to make time and space for those connections – and relationships – to be built. A connection commitment, along with a connection calendar, help us keep up with our commitments, see the results from regular connections + collaborations, and make it a habit!

What Might Hold You Back

When it comes to creating consistent connection, often our biggest blocks are in our own heads.
Ever feel like no one wants to connect with you? Or, that none of the women you admire would ever say yes to a collaboration with you?
If so, you’re not alone! I had this SAME story when I first started out in business and it’s the case for a lot of my clients, too. The problem is that this story keeps us stuck, small, and going at things alone. What we need to realize is that so many solopreneurs are genuinely craving connection. That what we want is what they want, too.
Just ask yourself – Do you crave connection? How about collaboration? Do your clients ever talk about wanting more connection? Do they ever mention feeling lonely or misunderstood? Do you ever read stories from other entrepreneurs about the joy they’ve found in meet ups, Facebook groups, or at conferences?
Likely, you found yourself nodding along to each of these questions.
Because we do crave connection – we want to be seen, heard, and understood. In fact, this is a part of basic human nature and desire. We want to feel like we belong. And, when we’re starting a new business or chasing a new dream, the uncertainty of it all often leaves us feeling the exact opposite. Finding your people is not only going to help build your business, but it will also give you the support you need to keep going and to stay consistent.
This mindset shift is a crucial first step to creating connection in your business that will lead to more success – and more joy!
Even once you’re excited about creating connection in your business, it can still feel intimidating and confusing. Trust me, I get it. Try one of these strategies for connecting + collaborating so that you can see more results in your business:

  • Keep it simple! Reaching out to connect doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple, and ask for a short 15-20 minute connection call. If you want to continue the call, or schedule future calls, you totally can. But, always start with simplicity and ditch the pressure!
  • Lead with love. Not sure what to say or how to say it when reaching out to others? Solve that by leading with love. Tell the person why you’ve picked them to reach out to, what you love about them and why you want to connect.
  • Build the relationship first. Too often, we get a “no” not because it’s not the right fit but because we don’t build the relationship FIRST. We’re infinitely more likely to collaborate with, show up for, and promote people that we already know. So, if you have an idea for mutual collaboration, reach out for that connection call first, build the relationship, and then make the collaboration offer. You’ll be 100x (#realstatistic) more likely to get a yes when you’ve cultivated the connection first.
  • Create mutually beneficial collaborations. It’s so important to create even energy exchanges in EVERYTHING in our businesses. Which means that creating even energy exchanges within collaborations are no different. When pitching a collaboration idea, make sure there are clear benefits to EVERYONE in the collaboration. It might look like…two people with similar community sizes promoting one another, or two people coming together to teach on complementary topics and share gathered emails, or you might guest-post in someone’s group so they get to give value with no effort (and you get to grow your reach)…etc. There are TONS of ways to go about this, but simply make sure it’s obvious to ALL participants how it’s mutually beneficial! Reach out and offer potential collaboration ideas that serve both audiences (and allow you to have fun, too!).

Now, I’d love to hear from you: How have connections and collaborations helped you in your business? What strategies will you commit to in order to grow your connections and create consistency?


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