Hi, I’m Lacey! I’m a business mentor & success coach for high-performing, female entrepreneurs who are ready to share their light with the world.

The brightest blazes begin with a  Spark

You have an amazing business {or the flicker of an idea}. You’re ready to make an impact and work smarter, not harder. To make it happen, you know you’re going to need a mentor who will support and guide you, every step of the way.

You, my love, have come to the   Right place

The fire is lit and you’re committed to fanning the flames. You want to share your passion and grow your business, all while building personal and financial freedom.

You know you belong here if you are:

  • Ready for a fulfilling business that shares your light with those you serve,
  • Prepared to ignite your success through mindset, strategy, and execution,
  • Seeking an experienced mentor who can support you and hold you accountable.

I’m   Lacey, The best thing to happen to your business since facebook!

As a business mentor and success coach, it’s my mission to help high-performing women {like you} build and grow service-based businesses that light them up. Through mindset work, strategic planning, and consistent execution, my clients see real growth and real success.

To shine your brightest, you need access to the right tools, experience, and support. This means receiving the full benefits of my M.S. in mental health counseling and my M.B.A. — not to mention my experience as a therapist and the director of a $45-million/year non-profit, as well as the founder of two successful online businesses.

In short, I’ve been there. I know what works, what doesn’t, and how to adjust course when necessary {if you want the long story, check it out HERE}.

Let’s get   LIT UP

To find out how working together will light up your life and transform your business,
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