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The Framework for your Success

Mindset, Strategy, and Execution is the framework for getting anything you want in life and business. It combines these essential parts into one greater whole that gets you EPIC results.


Mindset focuses on the thoughts, beliefs, and frames you’re bringing to your work and influences every single thing you think, say, and do in your business.


Strategy is the actual plan you’re using to build, grow and scale your business. From marketing to content to building relationships ,and giving big value, strategy encompasses exactly what you intend to do to get those big results.


Execution is how you show up for your strategy and your business overall, and focuses on prioritizing the right things to take action in your business in the right time.

Hey There High Achiever…

Let me guess… you’re here because you’re ready to get results. We’re talking personal and financial freedom and the income and impact to show for it.

And because you’re my favorite type of person (the kind who knows what they want and is ready to do what it takes to get it)… you should know that I’m ALL about RESULTS, and I have the track record to prove it.

After founding A Lit Up Life, I earned more than $20k my second month in business. I crossed the $100k mark in 10 months and scaled to multi-six figures in less than 16 months. Since then, I’ve consistently added at least $100k per year in annual revenue – scaling my business to over $1 million/year doing only work I LOVE (1:1 coaching women like you).

Over the past 6+ years, using my signature Mindset, Strategy, Execution® framework, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to create life-changing results. I’ve helped my clients hit $10k, $50k, all the way up to $300k cash months, building six, multi-six, and seven figure businesses that they love…. all in a way that works for THEM (no cookie cutter plans here!).

There are NO limitations on what I believe you can create (and how you can create it), but here’s where I veer from that whole “high achiever mentality” – I don’t believe in getting those results if it doesn’t feel damn good while you’re doing it. So if you’re committed to creating the business AND life of your dreams, then I know I can help. I’ve built a business and life that I LOVE, and my life’s work and not-so-secret superpower is to help you do the same. I’m so happy you’re here.

– Lacey

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