Love Notes

Client experiences and results

Sabrina Philipp

Business Coach for Online Entrepreneurs

Six months into working with Lacey, I had my first six-figure cash month, features in Forbes and Business Insider, and a sold-out group program filled with 120 people. A few months later, I had a $500k Mastermind Launch.

Cait Scudder

Business Mentor for Mothers

Over the years I’ve grown with Lacey from $10K-$15K months to $100K-$200K+ cash months, from $60K launches to $700K launches, from a one woman show to a lean, high-performing team of 6 — and I could not be more grateful for her consistency and support by my side as we’ve grown into a multi-million dollar brand.

Julia Wells

Coach + CEO

I now have a 7-figure business working super part time.

Ellie Swift

Business Coach, Mastermind Mentor, and Strategist

With Lacey's support, my business has significantly grown, changed, and evolved. I went on to create three masterminds, a really unique business model, and we are in the third financial year of having a seven figure business.

Elise Maisonneuve

Business Mentor + Mindset Coach

I've created well over 7 Figures in total revenue and I run a company that I absolutely adore, that feels simple to run and grow, and gives me SO MUCH FREEDOM.

Kim Argetsinger

Business Coach

I've been fully booked for 4.5 years and now bring in recurring multi-five-figure cash months.

Cori Javid

Success Coach, Business Mentor and Podcast Host

I launched my business… hit my first 5-figure month, my first multiple 5-figure month… and so much more. And the BEST part? I achieved all of this while working 25 hours a week, often less.

Laura O’Hagan

Mindset Coach + Business Strategist and Managing Director

My business has seen its first $10k, $20k, and $30k cash month. I had my first 6 figure and then multiple 6 figure year. I also successfully launched my first group program which was a 5 figure launch. Five figure and multiple five figure months have become the norm for me.

Jennifer Grayeb

Business Strategist

I hit 6 figures within 6 months of leaving the job while working significantly less than I did in my corporate job.

Ariel Frey

CEO at Ariel Frey

I am the most grounded, peaceful, and present that I've ever felt. I'm more confident about my life and business decisions and I trust myself to take actions that create the life I want for myself and my daughter, even when they are uncomfortable.

Anna Frandsen

Business Mentor + Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

I’ve quit my job. Replaced my income. Filled my client load. Created passive income. Grown my group to 2K. Created months of content in advance. Taken time off for my family and pre-sold/maintained my income.

Christina Lecuyer

Owner/CEO of Decide it's your turn™

I have had many $50k plus launches and during the pandemic had one 100k launch. I came into the coaching making 6 figures, but have made multiple six figures while working with Lacey.

Jessica Johnson

Author + Copywriter Coach

Lacey has helped me grow so much more than a business, but a full, beautiful LIFE.

Jen Morilla

Youtuber & Online Business Educator

Working with Lacey for almost a year now and instantly I’ve had massive mindset shifts. She’s also helped me get to my first $100k revenue!

Ash Johns

Ancestral Healer and PsychoSpiritual Life Coach to culture change leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs

I got to REST in / from my burnout and still surpass my revenue goal, making my first six figure year…while I mostly took off Oct-Dec! I also finally launched my podcast ALL thanks to her.

Orly Wachter MS, RD

Business Coach for Health & Wellness Professionals

In less than 4 months I mastered my sales process, got fully booked and have stayed full since then! The best part is I did it with so much ease while working only 15-20 hours/week. Did I mention I just hit my first $10k month!

Suzie Agelopoulos

Airbnb Coach and Business Mentor

Having my first 6-figure year with Lacey and just 1 year later, my first 6-figure MONTH has been a LIFE and business milestone that I will never forget.

Emma-Louise Parkes

Business & Mindset Coach

During my time with Lacey, I had a 4x increase in my audience, started a weekly newsletter, a podcast, a FB group, a joint live series, posted consistently on social media, signed 3 high ticket clients & numerous intensives, and hired a team. My business was profitable from month 4… I even had my first £10k+ DAY!

Sara Wiles

Online Business Mentor

While working together, I sold out services multiple times, had my first $15k month, launched a brand new funnel (that now works like a charm), and saw 2x list growth.

Katelyn Hamilton

Online Business Manager

I have seen growth all around in my business. I’ve had consistent 10k months just a couple months into working with Lacey, I’ve gained additional clients and put a full team in place to help me feel more supported in my business, and together we solidified a plan for maternity leave to still bring in money to my business while out. I’ve crossed the six-figure mark in less than a year of working together and I am continuing to see upward momentum.

Belinda Smith

Money Mindset & Confidence Coach

Since working with Lacey I have doubled my income in only 6 months, raised my prices to be more in line with my level of service and landed my first speaking gig – all while being able to support my clients as they created everything from $80K in new revenue to complete mindset reframes.

Natalia Amador

Business Coach

Through my work with Lacey I was able to hit my first 5-figure month and continue hitting them, and even keep my business afloat and growing while I experienced a big life challenge. Lacey helped me not give up on myself or my dream and I am forever grateful for her support and guidance in helping me dream bigger, accomplish big goals and be the best version of me!

Ashley Gartland

Business Coach

Since working with Lacey I have hit my first $17K month and had two of my best months of sales to date. I also project that I’ll hit my first $150K year while working with her.

Erika Alsborn

Women’s Sex and Pleasure Coach

While working with Lacey, I went from having consistent 5K months and 10K launches to having a 56k launch!

Jessica Jordana Paxson

CEO of Jess, XO Copywriting + Founder of The Promptlates®

I now have a sales process for booking clients so I know exactly what to do to keep momentum. I also make around $5k/month with my digital product, no ads required and I've launched a coaching program for copywriters.

Sarah Baker

Business Coach + Story Strategist

I’m showing up more consistently than ever before and attracting way more of the RIGHT clients. I have more confidence, more clarity in my messaging, way less overwhelm… AND I hit my first $10k month!

Christine McAlister

Business and Success Coach

I’ve realized I can have a six-figure business working part time, I can work with only clients I love, and I can make incredible connections that better both my professional and personal life!

Kate Wilkinson

CEO & Business Coach

I’ve never felt so supported by a coach… ever!

Emma Smyth

Dietitian & Intuitive Eating Counselor

During my work with Lacey, I had my first 10K month, went from 0 clients to fully booked, and hit 6 figures in my 2nd year!

Melissa Morris

Business Operations Consultant

I have a brand new service that is the most expensive (and most sold) to date! I have a clear plan for growing my client base and made more money last MONTH than I’d made all of last year.

Lauren Saunders

Business Coach

I went from having a few profitable months a year, to finding consistency and financial security in my business.

Renée Reese

The Intuitive CEO

She helped me create a completely new business model from scratch, which became immediately profitable.

Katrina Aronson

Marketing + Business Strategy Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

I needed to give myself the space to build the foundation of my business, and Lacey was the perfect sounding board through it. Her perspective really made me think harder, work better, and challenge my mindset constantly. In a matter of a few months, I have completely transformed my offers in a way that is sustainable for my life AND I am booked months in advance.

Sandy Vo

Visionary | Spiritual Teacher and Mentor to Conscious Leaders

Since working with Lacey, I re-launched a new podcast, launched my signature program, hired a team of 4 to help with the growth and expansion, increased my rates, work less and have more time to be present + play more. Income wise, what took me a whole year last year, I was able to make within 5 months. I feel that I have created a solid foundation for now and many years to come.

Kelly Dawn

Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Mentor

I’ve worked with a lot of coaches over the years and she’s truly one of the best in the industry. I wish I had hired her earlier on my business because her work is so transformational!

Kristi Dosh

President & Publicist, Guide My Brand

Over the course of our first six months together, I was able to host AND FILL my first retreat with 9 amazing women… plus build a waitlist of almost 50 other women interested in my next retreat.

Monica Doyle

Business Mentor & Passive Income Coach

While working with Lacey I got my very first client (and my first handful!), got my first (intensive) client within 2 weeks of us working together, and grew my group by 100 members.

Sam DiNicola

Owner - Sam DiNicola Digital

I am now comfortable and confident in hiring team members and support for my business. I invest in my business, we are a multiple six figure agency now, and I am able to work 15 hours per week. I get to stay home with my daughter, pursue other business ventures, and started investing in real estate.

Hayley Tapper

Success Mindset Coach and Online Business Strategist

I now have a new level of confidence in myself and my business and I trust that my business will continue to grow and support me month after month.

Athina Bailey

Clairvoyant Trance Channel and Kinesiologist

I launched a new program and had the highest launch I’ve ever had in my business and hit 6 figures.

Hannah Oertel

Business Success Coach

During our time together, I grew my Facebook group and email list, and started selling intensives more quickly and easily than before.

Kate Boyd

Business Coach + Messaging Strategist

With Lacey, I left my 9-5 without skipping a financial beat, grew my list by double and my group by triple, sold out my practice, launched two successful group programs, hired a new team member, and had my first $5k and $6k months.

Meghan Mackintosh

Sales Coach & Filmmaker

During my work with her I hired my first virtual assistant, I launched a challenge, I turned my previous challenges into mini courses, I re-invigorated and doubled my facebook group, and I created my content marketing strategy.

Thea Orozco

Marketing and Mindset Coach for Introverts

While working with Lacey I gained new clients, started a podcast, and gained clarity about my funnel and what I wanted my business to look like.

Jen Winsor

Social Media Manager / Coach

My business is growing, I have momentum and I’m feeling like my vision is taking shape! I’m making more money than ever before and started to hire a team to support me and the business!

Ally Bauer

Brand Stylist + Website Designer

My biggest win was learning to believe in myself as a business owner and trust that I already had everything I needed to be the business owner I have always dreamed of.

Sarah Kochan

Life & Business Coach

Lacey helped me strengthen my mindset, create strategies to consistently attract clients, and helped me launch several programs.

Maria Troconis

Founder & Creative Director

Lacey helped me create a better social media strategy that’s allowed me to get on my ideal clients’ radar more effectively, and I have converted more clients in 3 months than I used to be able to accomplish in 6 months.

Monica Hill

Instagram strategist + content creator

Lacey helped me get my business off the ground – she gave me specific marketing strategies for my business to become more visible on social media, and I now have more confidence on showing up. I launched my first program and sold 12 spots the first time I ran it!

Dayna Lisa

Content Strategist + CMO

From our work together, I signed my first ever 5-figure client deal! Plus, I gained so much confidence, now feel empowered to stand by the value I provide, and really locked in my sense of self-worth. Lacey has the ability to support you in ALL aspects of your life; I would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with her!

Liz Lockwood

Business Coach + Mentor

Lacey helped me develop as a person as much as she did a business woman! I have more confidence, I’m easier on myself, and I have more fun in my business and in my days.

Jessi Honard

Messaging Strategist

By the end of our time together she had not only helped me gain clarity and confidence, but she provided me with the tools I needed to earn more clients, build a bigger audience, and make more money. My business is having its best year ever and it couldn’t have happened without Lacey’s help!

Lynsey Landry

Intuitive + Spiritual Business Mentor

During our time together I filled up both 1:1 and group programs, doubled the size of my group, and started become seen and known as an energy expert and Intuitive Mentor for healers and soul centered entrepreneurs.

Sarah Pelc Graca

Health + Wellness Coach

Working with Lacey has been the single BEST decision I’ve made for my business. Over the 6 months we worked together, Lacey helped me build my business from the ground up. She helped me to create the foundation to successfully continue to grow my business for months and years to come.

Mollie Fagan

Success Coach

While working with Lacey, I doubled the size of my email list AND doubled my monthly income!!

Jessica Comingore

Founder & Creative Director of Marbury

Working with a business coach was a new experience for me, and Lacey exceeded every expectation I could have had. I felt an immediate connection to her warm and holistic approach to coaching, and my time with her was pivotal to the growth of my business.

Safia Sattaur

Certified Business + Self-Leadership Coach

In our time together I was able to accomplish things in my business that I was sitting on for years including growing my list, up-leveling my marketing and sale process, creating a content and visibility strategy that is so aligned with my values, my audience and strengths and enroll more of my ideal clients without the hustle and force.

Mariana Ruiz

Business Coach for Mompreneurs

Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, I have been able to close clients without feeling sleazy and increased my close rate from less than 10% to 80%.

Katrina McGhee

Certified Life Coach

Lacey is the Real Deal. Lacey gives you so much support and so many great ideas while working together. She does a fabulous job of supporting you while also pushing you to keep moving your business forward.

Lisa Eaton Ling

Psychotherapist, Mindset Strategist, & Success Coach

When you work with Lacey, you truly have someone in your corner who wants your business to succeed, but who also wants YOU to succeed, in whatever ways that may look like for you. I would highly recommend Lacey to anyone who is ready to grow their business AND ready to step up to an even more powerful version of themselves.

Jennifer Maynard

Leadership & Business Coach

After our first session I was hooked on Lacey! It was clear to me that not only Lacey would add value in teaching and planning the logistics of how to manage an online business, but that she would offer new ways for me to think about my life and business that I just hadn’t done on my own. As a coach it’s easy to help others through their struggles and blocks, but I didn’t see I had them myself. Working with Lacey was the best business decision I could have ever made.

Barbara Iuliano

Business & Confidence Coach

Besides growing my community massively, booking out my 1:1 coaching practice, having my highest months in business, selling out my group programs etc… I also developed new beliefs and habits that help me show up for my business even after our work together has ended.

Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser

Attorney for Online Entrepreneurs

Since working with Lacey…so much has changed! I tripled my monthly income in the first 90 days, and it just continued from that point. I added in a variety of new products and was able to build a solid library of awesome content. Coaching with Lacey was a true turning point for me and I would 100% recommended her to other business owners that are looking for an amazing combination of mindset and strategy work!

Katey Olivia Smyth

Mindset and Transformation Coach

During our work together, I signed a handful of clients, bought a new truck, moved out of my parents, sky dove, booked my first trip on a plane OUT OF THE COUNTRY, ran my first challenge, ran my first successful group program, and had my first 10k months.

Lisa Laura

Creative Marketing Strategist & Empowerment Coach

My experience with Lacey was invaluable. I highly recommend her as a coach. We got clear, we planned, we implemented and we were a huge success together. I grew, my business grew and I couldn’t be happier looking back on where I was.

Natascha Ratzlaff

Digital Fairy Godmother

While working with Lacey, I launched my first challenge, almost tripled my list TWICE, sold out a new offer I crafted with her help and was able to book more clients than ever before that were truly a dream to work with. Lacey’s support has been loving and kind all the way, but don’t think she’ll sugar-coat everything for you! Instead, she will give you exactly the advice you need to get unstuck, move forward and grow your business.

Maggie Reyes

Life Coach & Marriage Mentor

When Lacey and I started working together, I was still doing recruitment consulting along with coaching and I had one or two coaching clients. By the time we finished our work together, I created a thriving coaching practice. Lacey’s support, guidance, generosity and wisdom in growing my business has been priceless.

Paula Diaco

Writing + Storyteller

Lacey is super smart and incredibly insightful. She helped me improve my mindset even when I thought that wasn’t possible. I loved that her suggestions and coaching come from her innate ability to help people, as well as her background in mental health counseling and ethical leadership. It was so helpful to have consistent and regular conversations with someone who helped me look beyond modest goals to something much bigger and better.

Carli Fernandez

Travel Agent

While working together, I was able to raise my rates, grow my team, and got consistent posting on social media, my newsletter, and my blog. I now feel the value of focusing on myself and my mindset more and the impact that has on my business and life.

Kaira Boston

Creative Business Strategist

I felt super supported having Lacey as my coach, and I loved her willingness to adapt her coaching to support me in the way I needed. With Lacey’s help, I created an opt in, increased both my group and list size, and doubled my income one month.

Andrea Cecie

Business Mentor + Strategist

While working together, I was able to get really clear on my messaging, content, consistency, and visibility. I now have SO much more confidence in my abilities as a business coach and did this all while also working my corporate job. All in all, I grew so much as a person and an entrepreneur during our time together.

Kelita Kellman

Business Strategist and Implementation Coach

Working with Lacey to create my content plan completely blew my mind. We able to create 6+ months of content together and it also allowed me to spark even more content ideas that if left to do on my own would have taken much much longer.

Jodi Scott

Life and Relationship Coach

Lacey Sites is the REAL deal. She gave me more insight in one Intensive than ALL the other business coaches I’ve worked with in 6 years.

Karen Trepte

Money & Productivity Coach

Lacey is the best coach I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with a number of them. She cares. She’s wise. She knows how to keep things simple and knows how to listen to her clients. Beyond listen… adapt her coaching style to fit their needs and personalities. I have already referred her to at least 3 people.

Heather C. Stephens

Owner, Wise Owl Marketing

I was able to build a successful business that quadrupled my full-time monthly income, allowed me to build an emergency fund and leave my full time job. I’m now working from home full-time with a calendar that is booked 2-3 months ahead! And with Lacey’s help, I’m shifting my focus towards ways to leverage my time and scale my business to 20K+/month.

Molly Fedick

Founder, The Eighty Eight

Lacey has been a total godsend. She’s coached me through offering my first paid guide (she even came up with the idea!) and I’ve seen an amount of interest I didn’t know was possible.

Trudy Estes

Owner, Old Houses and Things

I cannot recommend Lacey highly enough. She is imminently qualified in every respect. If you have the opportunity to work with her – take it!

Laura Rivett

Founder, The Movement Project

My business was growing at such a rapid rate. It was completely amazing! As a coach, Lacey is always there for you, always positive and always ready to motivate and inform you on your next business steps. I think her business experience, expertise and authenticity really sets her apart from other business coaches.

Carrie Stadelman

Photographer / Owner, Freeland Photos

Lacey is a great coach who keeps you accountable, even when you are as busy as I am, and helps you see yourself in a positive light. I am so grateful for what she has done for me in just the short amount of time that we have worked together.

Sherry Elle

Wealth & Marketing Coach

Lacey was able to help me completely rethink the way I think about content. I was struggling to continually find inspiration to share my message online, but through working together, she helped me plan 25 weeks work of content. Now when I look at my marketing, I don’t feel overwhelmed but rather excited to share my message.

Suzanne Taylor

Holistic Life Coach

Thank you Lacey for the fresh perspective and no nonsense straight up talk about my branding. You lit up my life!!!

Erika Elizabeth Persson

Mom’s Soul Purpose and Empowerment Maven

Working with Lacey was such a joy, and I left our time together with content planned for the next six months as well as greater clarity on whom I desire to serve and more specifically how. Lacey made the content creation process so much fun, and totally eliminated the feeling of overwhelm I had about it before working with her.

Rushani Mahendran

My favourite thing about working with Lacey was having that voice of reason and a great sounding board when all the ideas were getting overwhelming. She always helped me work through things logically and make the most sound decision that aligned with my goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Lacey to anyone that is looking for a coach as not just a guide but also someone who participates in your business as an equal.

Juliana Garcia

Soulful Marketing Strategist

While working together, I signed a 6-month 1:1 client at my ideal rate and gained the confidence that comes from knowing whatever I decide to do WILL work.

Anna Rapp

Business Coach & Mindset Mentor

Working with Lacey has truly changed everything about my life in the best way. I love my business, make a lot of money, and feel grounded, peaceful, safe, and secure.

Suzy Olivier

Business Coach

My business is truly a magical place now! Within weeks of starting work with Lacey, I had booked out my 1-1 programme and achieved my very first £10K month.

Frannie Coggeshall


I have more than doubled my client base, built my own funnel, almost doubled my revenue, and have been able to pay myself high five figures every month!

Hannah Fleace

Copywriter & Founder of Fleace Freelancing

I am now executing with clarity and ease and know exactly what actions I need to take to get where I want to go. My Q1 for this year is up 67% from last year – a $10k increase! My list has grown by 42%, I landed my largest client package ever ($8k), and had one of my biggest years money-wise to date! It's a complete 180 from where I was when I began this journey!

Lindsay Cavanagh

CEO at Married to Military

Here are some results from one year of working with Lacey:  199% increase in overall income 61% increase in my email list total 38% increase on Instagram 70% increase in my Facebook group 114% increase in podcast downloads And 125% increase in number of clients served

Katrina Cobb

Business Architect, Coach & Speaker

I have grown the business to over 200k revenue while tracking to pay myself 6 figures for the first time, taking fully unplugged vacations with team handling all client issues, paying down over 80k in debts, and personally meeting my ideal partner and reclaiming time for art and passions.

Leah Gervais

Founder and CEO at

Two months after my first session with Lacey, I broke through a seven-figure ceiling I was occupying for months.

Aislinn Walton


I had multiple 5 figure pay in fulls and 500+ people join masterclasses.

Kelly McKenna

Therapist & Business Coach

When we started working together I was consistently at $30-$40k months. Now I'm at $40-70k months which has been an incredible increase in just 6 months.

Rita Goodroe

Business Strategist, Community Building Consultant, and Keynote Speaker & Emcee

Since working with Lacey, I've doubled my revenue nearly year after year, hired a team, and consistently fill my client roster and programs (thanks to the mindsets and strategies that she's helped me develop).

Jaime Morocco

CEO at

I now have a nearly half a million dollar business and own a penthouse on Miami Beach.

Felicia Keller Boyle

Felicia Keller Boyle

The biggest win was selling a high ticket coaching intensive to a new client. This was a big goal of mine and I'm really excited to see how I can continue to sell my coaching intensives reliably.

Amanda Joyce Weber

Mindset + Sales Coach

Lacey is the person you want in your corner. She is a true parter in your business growth and fully shows up for your work together. Where Lacey really shines is in holding you through the discomfort of growing your business. She gets to know you so well that it’s almost impossible to hide in old patterns or stories and as a result.


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